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60 years of


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LPG and
Low Pressure Cylinders

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Development of
New projects

ARATELL Low Pressure Cylinders

We are specialists in the production of low pressure cylinders, we manufacture their components and our development of more than 60 years enables us to supply the most demanding industries.

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Air Compressor

Special cylinders for air compressors for both automotive and various types of industry

Noble Gases Cylinders

Low pressure cylinders for special gases such as acetylene, helium  etc.


Low pressure, transportable or stationary cylinders of different volumetric capacities, 

Our products and applications

Who we are

Our story

Aratell Cylinders was the second major division of the Aratell group.
Initially it was a derivation of the industry of flanges and accessories for Aratell's gas cylinders. From a
natural evolution of the company that grew and developed at great strides, the Aratell Low Pressure Cylinders division emerged.
The development of the consumer market and the expansion due to the gas distribution model that is
adopted in the country, created a great opportunity that its founder knew how to take advantage of, with the acquisition, merger and associations with other companies in the sector. The company added more technology, equipment and customers that were fundamental for the base and structuring of what would be the largest division of the group in the coming years.

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