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Other Applications

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    Our engineering department is always open to new demands and challenges, in fact, we are aware of the great transformations that are about to knock on our doors, from the technological ones, which we always accompany in order to offer the best products to the market to the ones that make us be attentive to the new directions of the industry and the economy in general.

   Our divisions are proof that we have great adaptability and vision of the future, 

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  We can also make specific developments for different types of industries, which have participation in the entire chain that uses cylinders. Therefore, bring your need, your project that we can certainly help in the solution of the most varied demands, whether in the technical, production, logistics and even management areas.

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Pressure vessel
Noble Gases
Air compressors
Fire extinguishers

   For the automotive market we have already developed cylinders for VNG (Vehicle Natural Gas) which are vehicle conversion kits.

   We also manufacture cylinders fopr the compressors market, whether for industrial, residential or medical and dental use.

   As we have a fully verticalized production, we can produce practically all parts and thus serve a wide range of industries.

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   In these 60 years of operation in this market, Aratell has had the opportunity to participate in all types of development, crises, businesses and solutions.

   In this way we already produce cylinders for Noble Gases such as acetylene and Helium;  for the heavy vehicle market that also uses cylinders for brake systems and tire calibration.

   Another market that we already served is fire extinguishers, whith water and chemical powder cylinders.

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