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Who we are

Our story

  Aratell Cylinders was the second major division of the Aratell group.

   Initially it was a derivation of the industry of flanges and accessories for Aratell's gas cylinders. From a natural evolution of the company that grew and developed at great strides, the Aratell Low Pressure Cylinders division emerged

   The development of the consumer market and the expansion due to the gas distribution model that is adopted in the country, created a great opportunity that its founder knew how to take advantage of, with the acquisition, merger and associations with other companies in the sector. The company added more technology, equipment and customers that were fundamental for the base and structuring of what would be the largest and division of the group in the coming years.

   Today, Aratell Low Pressure Cylinders, one of the largest companies in the sector, supplies cylinders to most LPG gas distributors in the country and Latin America, as well as continues to supply components to other manufacturers and requalifiers.

   Even with the development of other divisions in the group, this one remains the largest and, like the others, has been expanding and evolving with the latest innovations in the industry with automation and cutting-edge technologies.


Meet the demands of our Customers by offering products that contribute to improving people's quality of life.


To be recognized as a reference in the production of durable goods by Customers

  • Customer satisfaction and safety

  • Compliance with current legislation

  • Ethics and respect in the relationship with competitors and partners

  • Employee appreciation

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